Pre-Registration is recommended.
Payment may be made by euro cheque, PayPal and/or Credit/Debit card.

1: Meetings & events - Pre-Registration recommended

Seating capacity at the meeting venue is limited.
Pre-registration is recommended to avoid experiencing disappointment.

2: Saturday Night banquet/event - Pre-Registration ESSENTIAL

Seating capacity in the elegant dining room is limited.
Participation in the Banquet/event will be limited accordingly.
Banquet pre-registration is essential.

3: Coach-Tour to Costa Brava - Pre-Registration recommended

Coach & tour-guide to Costa Brava AA Int'l Convention
Dedicated seating is provisionally limited to 55 persons.
Reserve/book your seat in advance to be assured of this extra value element.
Additional space may be possible depending on demand.

  • Pre-Registration (meetings & events) €25.00* (€ euro-cheque) per person (recommended)
  • Saturday evening Banquet & dinner-event €35.00* (€ euro-cheque) per person (pre-registration essential)
  • Pre-Registration Full-Pack (all meetings, events, & banquet) €60.00* (€ euro-cheque) per person (recommended)
  • Coach Tour to Costa Brava Int’l. AA Convention (pre-booking recommended) €95.00* (€ euro-cheque) per person
  • Pack-Lunch on day of your departure (book/before 12h00 5/11/2017) €25.00* (€ euro-cheque) per person

Please send your ‘€ euro cheque’ in the amount of your selected items to:

BAB/Happy Joyous & Free, BP 4, 64201 Biarritz Cedex, France.

Please include your email address to receive confirmation for payment received. 

* Payment may be made online using PayPal or credit/debit card & includes a minor service fee.  

To pay online, please click here and scroll down.