Invited Speaker/s

Karen C. Ph.D.; lecturer, program member since 1974 will share on “Double Winners”, and facilitate a 2 hour workshop/presentation “Tools For Living A Peaceful Life”. Karen is author of the successful recovery books “Each day a new Beginning”, “The promise of a New Day”, “In God’s Care”, among over 25 other books.

She focuses on the development of spiritual growth and strengthening one’s twelve step recovery.  Karen C. has published two new books focused on the attainment of peace and both stress that staying peaceful is the shortest step to a simple life.

In her most recent book, Karen C. shares words of wisdom about life, loss, and everything in between. Taking on universal themes she reveals what matters most about unconditional love, the importance of peace, and more. We find inspirational life lessons like: Only through relationships can we heal. You are right where you are meant to be. If you share their journey, learn

Karen is an active member in both Al-Anon (1974), and AA (1976). She says; It’s been a long and most times, wonderful journey.

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Speaker: Terry A.; got sober in the Hawaiian Islands on February 10, 1996 following 6 years of regular relapses and half measures. He was 48 years old at the time. At 3 years sober he moved to Oakland, California and has been there ever since.

He loves AA. But AA is just two letters. He loves the people in AA, the old-timers and the newcomers, the egalitarianism, the fellowshipping, and of course, the simple program and kit of tools that were so freely and lovingly given. He enjoys the joy and privilege of giving these gifts back to others.

Speaker: Natalie M.; Born in Quebec Canada Natalie M. emigrated to U.S with her family 25 yrs ago where she finally found her true home in the rooms of AA. Mother of two grown daughters, Natalie balances her real estate career with active participation in her home group, sponsorship and H&I. She has an insatiable thirst for all things AA!

Speaker: Josh D grew up seeing the destruction of alcohol on his family. He played football and loved it. He picked up an alcoholic drink at 17 and was in a young offenders instatution for his 18th birthday. By 20 years old he was ruined and moved to San Francisco to get fit and try football again. The party scene attracted him.

He returned to UK in 1992. He spent the next decade in and out of the court system and drinking. He entered a treatment centre for 8 months and started his life again, this time with guidance and love of AA. Being teachable was a new beginning, old ideas had to go.

Speaker: Joe K. from Massachusetts USA, is a grateful sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous. His sobriety date is July, 29, 1991, ODAT. Through Gods grace and the teachings of this fellowship he stays sober. He has two AA home groups and stays in the middle of the AA pack. He keeps his program simple, asks for help, goes to meetings and helps others.

Speaker: Suki K: Of Scottish, Irish, Japanese and Australian heritage and born in Australia. She hit rock bottom in Chicago and landed in the rooms of AA 1st August 2008 in New York City at 33 years old. She continued her recovery in Sydney, Australia and currently in Budapest, Hungary.

A yoga teacher and mother with young son and husband she balances home life with lots of AA service at YPAA and other conventions worldwide. Suki is an Alternate Representative for CER. She loves to sponsor and help carry the 12th step message to the first newcomer that walks in the AA doors. She always puts AA meetings first especially when she is traveling.

Speaker: Clive B. got sober at 40 to save his marriage,sanity and end a slow suicide. Sobriety revealed an underlying addictive personality so he has worked The Steps. In his opinion not thoroughly until reaching his 70s. Now 38 years sober he is a student of Spirituality expectant and receptive daily to whatever life presents.

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