Biarritz, AA International Zoom Group meeting | THURSDAY 01 OCTOBER 2020

MEETING THURSDAY: 01 OCTOBER 2020 / 15h30  CET (Paris-time)

BIARRITZ, FRANCE, (English Language)



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DAY/TIME: Thursday 01 October / 15h30-16h30 CET

MEETING WILL BE LOCKED 15 minutes after the start

This is a 60 minute meeting

SPEAKER: (01/10) John C. (USA/IRL)
SPEAKER: (03/10) Jerry G. (SCT)
SPEAKER: (08/10) Paul O. (IRL)
SPEAKER: (10/10) Finn B. (IRL)
SPEAKER: (15/10) Joe K. (USA)
SPEAKER: (17/10) Tessa B. (FRA)
SPEAKER: (22/10) Mike C. (FRA)
SPEAKER: (24/10) Marcel C. (USA)
SPEAKER: (29/10) Colin F. (UAE)

LOGIN LINK:    (password required)

(Email to for more information if you do not already have the login information
Login 10-15 minutes early to avoid attendance saturation limit

Meetings = 60 minutes duration
Speaker’s share = 15-20 minutes

Topic = Speakers’ choice
Hosts/Co-hosts = TBD
Average attendance 15-30 AAs

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Full details on the Biarritz Virtual AA Convention  available  here
Biarritz, known as ‘the queen of resorts, and the resort of kings’ | Slideshow

SEVENTH TRADITIONS may be sent via PayPal to and marked BAB 7th Tradition and will be forwarded to Intergroup

Thank you.

International AA Zoom meetings in Biarritz, Fra. each Thursday, and Saturday
Generally attended by Int’l AA members who have attended Biarritz Convention

Members from any nation are welcome to join us anytime on any meeting day.

About Biarritz
Biarritz hosts AA meetings in English (Tuesdays 15h30) and international Zoom meetings (Thursdays and Saturdays) available to/from 183 different countries. AA in Biarritz hosts one meeting a week (Fridays 19h00) in French, French speaking meetings are available in the surrounding area each weekday. Multiple meetings in the Spanish language are available each day, 30 Kms away, over the border in Spain. No meetings exist in the Basque or any other language at present.

In the summer of 1934: Shep Cornell, Rowland Hazard, and Cebra Graves recovering alcoholics in the Oxford group helped Ebby thatcher. Cebra happened to be the son of the judge who let Ebby go under Rowland’s supervision rather than be sent to the insane asylum over the mountain in Brattleboro, Vermont. Cebra lies buried in the village of Urrugne 22 Kms from Biarritz.

Biarritz site of the 2019 G7 summit meeting is known for its famous beaches, therapeutic water and thriving surf scene, Biarritz once a small fishing village, was made fashionable after 1854 by Napoleon III and his Spanish empress, Eugénie. The British are largely responsible for its growth as a winter residence. Visited by Queen Victoria, Edward VII, and Alfonso XIII of Spain, Biarritz began to call itself “the queen of resorts and the resort of kings.” In the late six hundreds, Biarritz was the fishing port that developed commercial whaling as the world came to know it. Biarritz conducts a surfing festival and hosts the European longboard championships. Biarritz is ideal for pilgrims, being close to Lourdes, (world’s leading pilgrimage site), Loyola, (birth place of St Ignatius, founder of the Jesuit Order) and St Paul de Dax, (home of St Vincent de Paul), St Jean Pied de Port nearby, is a French gateway to El Camino and Santiago de Compostela. Folklore and traditions of the Basques of the region are an added attraction. More info


TIME: 15h30 CET (Paris-time) / LINK: (password required)

SEVENTH TRADITIONS may be sent via PayPal to and marked BAB 7th Tradition.

PLEASE CONTACT, for Login and password, if you wish to ask questions, or volunteer service as tech/co-host or speaker

To open a PAYPAL account go to
PayPal tutorials are at


Bruce B.
Communications; Convention & Meetings, Biarritz, Fra
E: &/o r



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