Login and Passcode (Zoom) October 2021

Biarritz (France) International AA Convention
08-10 October 2021

Thank you for registering for the convention
Active Logins & passcodes availalbe after 14 September 2021

Room #1 AA URL LOGIN = https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3731180954


Room #2 Al-Anon URL LOGIN = Not Available at this time
Al-Anon PASSWORD/PASSCODE = Not Available

Simply click on the above AA designated URL and enter the passcode in the zoom window when requested, you will immediately access the International convention meeting room of your choice

Thank you, see you at the event

2 thoughts on “Login and Passcode (Zoom) October 2021

  1. Good morning my name is jenny Rickard I am a very grateful member of Al-Anon area28 grand Union England
    My Al Anon Home group is Northampton
    I have been in Al Anon for 12 years ..
    Al Anon have given me my self asteem and
    And the understanding of the disease of alcoholism. Today l love my son unconditionally and others,
    That l have been affected by there drinking. Over many years.
    So today and it is only one day at a time .
    I have been restored to sanity. I try to give back freely all the love and respect l have received over the yeas.. if l can be of any service please don’t hesitate to contact me jenny a very grateful member of AlAnon.


    • Hello Jenny

      Thank you for your message

      We are seeking an organizer for the Al-Anon portion of our virtual convention 8-10 October 2021

      Such organizer would line up all Al-Anon speakers and tech-hosts on a completely independent basis and report back to us ‘the event organizers’ at babanglophonegroup@gmail.com

      Deadline for appointees is 30 August 2021

      Please let me know if this is of interest to you

      Bruce Boal

      GSR Biarritz AA Virtual Convention
      8-10 October 2021


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