Excursion – St Jean Pied De Port


ThePre-Convention Tourism/AA lunch activity planned for Wednesday 6 October 2021 has developed and may be interesting to you if you are in Biarritz early for the convention. A fixed registration fee (€59.00) includes mini-van transportation but does not include chartered coach transport, lunch or other personal expenses (souvenirs, tips, etc)

The registration fee covers the administration costs of booking, mini-van transportation, confirming availability, and planning excursion arrangements

We travel to St Jean Pied de Port (mile 0 from SW France on the El Camino only 50 minutes by road from Biarritz} by per-arranged pre-booked transport and enjoy an inexpensive lunch (additional expense) at the Central Hotel.

St Jean Pied de Port registration
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St Jean Pied de Port is a beautiful town and is located in a very picturesque region.

It is a 50 minute drive through the pastoral, picturesque, mountainous Basque Country/Pays Basque and is an opportunity to view some of this magnificent countryside.

We travel by road from Biarritz in pre-booked rental mini-van/s or chartered coach. Visiting AAs with rental cars may join the excursion but must pay the excursion registration fee (€59.00) to avail of administration, route planning guidance, lunch booking arrangements and planning services etc.

If there is sufficient interest a coach/bus may be chartered at additional cost. Such a charter is subject to booking availability and an additional cost equally divided among excursionists.

It can be difficult to find/book a charter coach/bus in early October without advance planning. So early excursion registration is encouraged. In the event a charter coach or bus is selected and availed of, then each excursionist receives a €15.00 credit for offsetting the ‘non-use’ of rental mini-buses.

St Jean Pied de Port registration
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The plan is to leave Biarritz (venue hotel) at 10h30 sharp, eat lunch at 12h30, visit St Jean Pied de Port until about 16h00, and return to Biarritz in time for a swim in the ocean or pool and dinner.

Hotel Central is located in the center of the town right on the river and offers excellent food, great value, and superb service – the restaurant transports one time-wise back to the 1800s/early 1900s.

St Jean Pied de Port registration
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The day’s activity  should cost approx €25.00-€35.00  (excluding excursion registration fee, personal purchases, and any voluntary contributions)

Please email babanglophonegroup@gmail.com if you wish to participate. When we know how many excursionists there will be/registered for the excursion, we will book/reserve transport and a table in the restaurant and explore charter bus possibilities, all before mid-September 2021.

For those of you registered to go to Lourdes; it is too early to justify chartering a coach. Alternative transport to Lourdes would be by regular scheduled train service on Monday 11 October 2021. The Lourdes Guide/s will meet you at Lourdes train station.

For all excursions full details will be provided to the relevant parties/persons (excursionists, transporters, guides, restaurateurs, etc) by email in advance, confirming all details

Registration for Excursion  
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1: For those not already pre-registered to the convention, it is worth noting excursion capacity is limited to registered convention attendees (excursion registration fee €59.00 includes mini-van transportation, excludes charter coach but earns a €15.00 credit)
2 : Accommodation: allocated convention venue hotel rooms are in limited supply
3 : Participation in the Saturday banquet/dinner (€35.00)  and Sunday Anniversary dinner  (€38.00) needs to be booked before 24 September 2021

Additional info

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To register for this excursion please click here (scroll down for PayPal payment button)