Package 6

Walking Tour of Biarritz
Leave from Grand Large AM or PM
(from €34.00 per person – minimum group size of 10)

Arrive any-day 2022 / Departure any-day 2022
Walking Tour Biarritz is ideal for those with an available free morning or afternoon  
No Accommodation is included  on the Walking Tour Biarritz package
Sunday Walking Tour Biarritz is suggested for 9 October 2022 (PM)
Or Monday Walking Tour Biarritz is suggested for 10 October 2022 (AM)
Lunch  is not included
Other days depart Grand Large Biarritz 09:30 AM/02:30PM  (Walking tour 2 hour duration)
Depart Grand Large Biarritz 09:30 AM/02:30PM  (Walking tour 2 hour duration)
Visit Grand Plage, Port Vieux, Cote Basque, Byzantine chapel, 830 Heritage buildings
For Grand Large hotel residents ONLY

Biarritz offers walkers an astonishing diversity of natural landscapes: from Pointe Saint-Martin to the Basque coast, via the Grande-Plage, the coast is an endless source of nooks and crannies to discover. Humanity hand need not envy this natural setting, as centuries of history have given Biarritz an incredible variety of buildings, and buildings: from the Orthodox church to the Byzantine chapel, from the medieval villa to the Art Deco style of the Municipal Casino. The exceptional architectural heritage of Biarritz bears witness to this past, and lives in the present, especially since the creation, in 1997, of the ZPPAUP (Zone for the Protection of Architectural, Urban and Landscape Heritage), which allowed classification of 830 buildings. as well as the implementation of numerous restoration works.

GROUPS Price for Single (EUROS)
per person
100 / 50 10
40 11
30 13
20 18
10 34

Bookings instructions (Walking Tour)
Bookings must be made by email to
Bookings must state day, date, and time of departure, desired
Bookings must be made at least 48 hours in advance of Tour-time
Bookings must be made accompanied by advance payment
Booking payments via PayPal or bank card to
Booked tourists meet in hotel lobby or forecourt 10 minutes before departure time

PAY 30% Deposit Now  /  (before 6 August 2022)
(minimal amount added to cover service charges)

Walk BIQ #6 / 22

30% deposit = 10.71
(+ balance = 34.00/person)

Booking and full payment must be made before 6 August 2022. You are encouraged to invite other members/participants to join the excursion thereby reducing pricing for all concerned

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Excursion/packages #1, #2, #4, #5, #6, all suspended
Only excursion/package #3 remains in effect/force at this time

Accommodation/Excursion packages are as follows;
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PACKAGE #1 Accommodation (4 nights) and 1 excursion to Lourdes
PACKAGE #2 Accommodation (6 nights) and 1 excursion to St Jean Pied de Port
PACKAGE #3 Accommodation (7 nights) and 4 Excursions including Lourdes
PACKAGE #4 Accommodation (4 nights) and 1 excursion to Buglose/Dax
PACKAGE #5 Accommodation (5 nights) and excursion to Loyola & San Sebastian
PACKAGE #6 Special:
Walking Tour of Biarritz Departs from Grand Large, AM & PM

(Walking Tour of Biarritz is reserved for Grand Large hotel guests only)

Terms & Conditions
Booking deposit 30% to be paid upon booking on/or before 6 August 2022
Bookings must be made before 6 August 2022
Bookings must be paid in advance (before 6 August 2022)
Bookings 70% Balance to be paid before 6 August 2022
Bookings to be made by email to  
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