Payment: How It Works
Please voluntarily contribute any amount you wish
Contributions go to GSO after expenses are paid
Please donate as generously as you can
Thank you for your support and service

When you click “Pay with PayPal” button, it will ask for PayPal login in pop window.
When you click “VISA / Master Card / AMEX ” buttons it will not ask for PayPal login
• • • • User who does not have a PayPal account, can also pay using these cards.

• Click the Seventh Tradition (donate) button
• The payment
 window opens slowly – practice patience! 🙂
If you are on Microsoft Windows browser and experiencing difficulty
we suggest you try using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser (free)

No PayPal account?
• To open
a PAYPAL account click here
PayPal tutorials are available here

Contact if you have difficulty paying with PayPal